Payroll Processing

Calculate Payroll - Generate Payments & Paystubs

Payees Grid - This Grid lists all the active employees. The grid gives you access to all the Payroll records for the selected client.

Payroll Records Grid - This Grid lists all the employee payroll records with active cells that access the Payroll items grid and pay stub form.

Payroll Items Grid - This grid is activated by the Pay Items cell on the Payroll record Grid and lists all the pay items for the selected payroll for review and editing.

Employee Pay stub Form -This form is activated by the Pay Stub cell on the Employee Payroll Grid and creates a printable copy of the Pay stub with an optional e-mail button to send to the employee

Calculate Payroll Form - This form shows three Calendars for Payroll Start Date, End Date and Pay Date. When you select OK, the CHIMS software validates the dates and begins generating the payroll records from the validated employee schedules for that period.

Edit Payroll Grid - This form displays a calendar to select a Pay Date. It creates the Payroll record grid corresponding to that date in employee name order. The Pay Items cell selects the Payroll Items grid for that specific employee record and Pay Date.

Import Payroll Pay stubs Form - This Button connects to your Payroll processor and generates a pay stub that can be e-mailed or posted on your employee web site.

Payroll Reports - These reports are a payroll summary report and a Payroll - Schedule Audit report. The audit report shows all the variances between the payroll generated from the schedules with the audited payroll records