Main CHIMS Command Form

One Click Acccess to all major business components

The software has a very simple user interface illustrated by the adjacent form that shows the main CHIMS form. The command buttons at the top activate similar forms for each major component of your Home Care Agency business. The command buttons on the component forms activate active grids and forms for that specific component.

The major CHIMS components are:

Client Information - All the information on all the clients are available on this form. This includes Contact information, assessments and needs, scheduling, invoicing and service events.

Caregiver Information - All the information on all your caregivers are available on this form. This includes Contact information, credentials, skills, scheduling and payroll.

Billing - CHIMS includes a complete billing and accounts receivable system. The software creates invoices directly from schedules and tracks and records all payments and adjustments. It has been used to bill tens of millions of dollars of services with total accountability to the penny.

Payroll - Calculate all Payroll items from schedules and interfaces to major payroll services. We have an option to add a web site for employees to access their schedules and pay stubs.

Business Setup - Manage all your locations and Referral Sources and track their contributions. You can define your services and track the billing and payroll costs for each service to analyze profitability. Enter all your CHIMS software users and define their privilege level.