Client Information

Assessment - Schedules - Billing - Care Plans - Events

Active Client Grid - This Grid lists all the active clients. You use this form to add, delete or change the name. The grid gives you access to everything you need to provide excellent service.

Client Form - This form is activated by selecting the Client Form cell. The form provides all the basic information for the client.

Assessment Form - This form is activated by selecting the Assessment cell. The form provides over 80 forms and lists to review all the clients living conditions, medical conditions/treatments, family issues, ADLís, Idlís and support. It was designed by some of the top experts in the Home Care industry.

Assessment Reports - The reports are selected on the assessment form and include a formatted three page Client Summary, an Emergency Information Document for the residence, client information sheet for the Caregiver and the Clientís medication list.

Client Event List - These forms are used to record significant events in the clientís life and care.

Client Task Grid - The task Grid defines the Care plan. It specifies the services, frequency, times and caregivers. Tasks define the schedule for the client. Any and all changes are entered on the Clientís Schedule Update form.

Client Schedule Update form - A simple form used to easily update or delete scheduled events. All Changes are validated for Caregiver availability and added to their schedule.

Scheduled Clients Grid - This Grid is a complete list of all scheduled events in a week for your entire location. Selecting any event on the grid activates the schedule update form.

Inactive Client Grid - This grid is similar to the Active Client Grid. You can reactivate Clients on this form.

All Client Reports - These reports include a client list, follow up list, call list, agreement list, billing list and various mailing lists.

Individual Client Reports - These reports include billing lists, Client Caregiver list and client events.