Business Strategy

Locations - Services - Referrals - Users

Location Grid - Enter one or more locations. Each Location may have a region Id, Location ID and description.

Services Grid - This grid is used to define your Home Care services. The Service includes an Id, Description, Period, Rate, Type. The period can be either Hourly, Daily or Monthly. The type can be Home care, Personal Care, Nursing Care or Miscellaneous.

Services Summaries Reports - The Summary reports are Client Summary or Caregiver Summary. The Summaries are organized by Service Id and show total Billing, Payroll and percentages. These reports provide valuable information on the profitablility and utilization of the services.

Referral Sources Grid - Referrals have a Name, Id address and contact information. The ID is entered into the Client records for all clients from that referral source.

Referral Reports - Two Reports are available, a New Referral report for recent referrals and an All Referral report.

Software Users Grid - Enter all your CHIMS users. Each user has a location, name, password and privilege level. The privilege level defines the user access to the grids and forms. The Privilege levels are Owner, Manager, Staff and temp.